ProAdjuster SP – PracticeResults360

The ProAdjuster SP is the most recent development in chiropractic health care and it is here at Queensway Pain Relieve. Utilizing the latest computarized treatment and technology, The ProAdjuster SP accurately analyzes and interprets joint motion, then delivers comfortable, precision adjustments based upon each patient’s data. 

Following the treatment, in Queensway Pain Relief’s experience we find that clients feel improved joint motion changes are comfirmed with post-treatment analysis.  The use of before and after data during each encounter affords both doctor and patient complete confidence in the ProAdjuster SP treatment and the management of the patient’s individual care plan. 

Additionally, the latest version of The ProAdjuster SP system is able to provide a similar analysis and treatment for the joints beyond the spine including, the shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands, hips, knees, feet and ankles. The comfortable computarized, consistent technology of The ProAdjuster SP provides a pre-treatment analysis followed by spesifically guided adjustments, and then offers a confirmatory post-treatment analysis that results in a quantified joint compliance change.  This is Queensway Pain Relief experience.

Proper motion of the lower spine joints is essential for healthy living and being in well mobile motion.  About 80% of adults experience lower back pain at some point in their lives, and relief often seems unattainable. The ProAdjuster SP uses the latest technology in chiropractic care to ease the burden of lower back pain. The ProAdjuster SP uses computerized analysis of the lower back joints to locate specific areas that have decreased motion, then delivers comfortable treatment to those precise joints to restore joint movement, mobility and improve the health and function of the lower back of the individual.